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Radon can be a health risk in ordinary workplaces

By December 14, 2018November 24th, 2020Measurement, Workplace

Workplace radon is a so-called “inert” gas that emits ionising radiation, which means that radon is radioactive. Therefore it is also a potent risk. Ionising radiation can cause damage to cells, which in turn leads to illnesses such as cancer. Lung cancer is the most common form of cancer that radon can cause
Radon gas is an element that can come directly from the soil since radon is a product of the uranium radioactive decay. It, therefore, exists naturally, which can affect properties that have basements with poor insulation. Or that is otherwise in direct contact with the soil.

How do you know if radon is a health risk in the workplace?

It is easy to measure radon levels in the workplace to see whether the value exceeds the limit above which radon is estimated to be a health risk. If the radon level is above the reference, it could mean that spending too much time in the property entails a direct health risk.

Measuring radon levels is simple and straightforward using radon detectors placed in rooms in which people spend the most time. In the case of homes, one can place detectors in bedrooms and living rooms. In the case of a workplace, it is a question of finding similar places in which people spend a lot of time.

There are two different kinds of radon detectors available: those offering long-term measurement or those offering short-term measurement. Long-term measurement needs to last for three months to provide the most complete results possible for radon levels in the property. You can obtain the so-called “annual average value” for the radon levels from the long-term measurement. There are also detectors to carry out short-term measurements. A measurement with these detectors only takes around 10 twenty-four hour periods. Short-term detectors can be used at any time of year. Nevertheless, the results they give are not as accurate as long-term measurements.

What do you do about high radon levels?

There are a couple of different ways of dealing with high radon levels. Read more here.


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