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Why Should Radon Be Measured During the Winter Half of the Year?

Radon can be measured throughout the year. However, to obtain an annual average value of radon levels in a home or workplace, it should be measured during what is called the “heating season” for at least two months. Other countries, such as Canada, recommend measuring for 91 days and longer. The timing of the heating season can vary slightly between…
February 2, 2024

Can radon make a house uninhabitable?

The short answer is yes. Although radon gas itself does not make the house impossible to live in, high concentrations of radon in the house can pose a serious health risk to the inhabitants. While most houses do not have radon levels above the limits set in various countries, there is still a concerning number of homes that have elevated…
January 24, 2024

Radonova receives top rating in Canadian comparison test

In a comparison test conducted by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP), the Radonova Laboratories radon detectors RadTrak3 and Rapidos received the highest performance grade of an “A”. The test was carried out to provide Canadian consumers with an unbiased, performance-based comparison of alpha track radon detectors commonly used in Canada. The tests were performed at the Radiation Safety…
December 6, 2023

Accreditation High on the Agenda at GARRM

Radonova recently participated in the 16th edition of GARRM, an international workshop held in Prague that focuses on the geological aspects of radon risk maps. This year, Radonova delivered a presentation on the topic of accreditation and an informative lecture on "radon action plans" in Europe. Among those present were Radonova's José-Luis Gutierrez Villanueva and Zuzanna Podgorska. Zuzanna Podgorska gave…
October 30, 2023

Internship work contributes to new opportunities to measure very high radon levels with great precision

Radonova often gives students the opportunity to carry out various types of internship work on site in Uppsala, Sweden. As part of his degree in nuclear technology at the CNAM school in Paris, Thomas Gumusel spent two months studying at Radonova. The objective has been to improve the possibilities of obtaining more accurate values at very high radon levels. We…
June 7, 2023

Three important events in the history of radon

The issue of radon exposure is a current health concern. Yet, the history of radon provides a broad retrospective of how this gas became recognized as a health hazard.  Below are three historical events that contributed to research and awareness about the health-threatening effects of elevated radon levels. Discovery of X-rays At the turn of the 20th century, several important…
March 28, 2023

Radonova adds EcoQube to Product Portfolio – digital radon measurement for homes and apartments

Radonova has added EcoQube, developed by Ecosense Inc, to its world leading radon measurement product suite. EcoQube is an affordable measuring instrument for home and apartment owners who want to measure changeable radon levels during the day or night. EcoQube provides customers with real time insights into hourly fluctuations of radon levels. This is not possible with other consumer instruments,…
March 24, 2022