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My Pages, our online management measurement service

For companies and municipalities that supply radon measurements to houses, multi-occupancy buildings and workplaces, we offer our web application My Pages. My Pages has been developed to be an effective tool for both large and small measurement projects.

With My Pages it is easy to order radon detectors for quick delivery. My Pages also provides secure access to both summary and detailed information. Reports, measurement jobs and other data are available 24 hours a day, whether you log in from a PC, tablet or other connected device. The web application has simple navigation, with efficient search, filter and export functions.

As a customer you get your own customer profile on My Pages. This makes it easy to order, record, sort, view and download results from radon measurements. Your end-customers can also enter their data online.

Logged in to My Pages, you can do this:

  • Order radon detectors with measurement instructions. And then send it directly to you or to your customers
  • Use a unique job number for each measurement project
  • To view current orders
  • View the current status and where in the process your measurement job is
  • Download and view analysis results, individually or as consolidated reports in PDF or spreadsheet format
  • Search, filter and view orders and measurements

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like us to help you get started with your own account on My Pages.

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