Radonova, at the forefront of intercomparison tests

Radonova is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. This means that the laboratory must participate regularly in intercomparison tests organized by national authorities such as PHE in the UK, BfS in Germany, and SUPSI in Switzerland

What is an intercomparison test?

These are tests that expose detectors to a reference level set up by the calibration laboratory. Then, results are compared against the reference level and a statistical analysis is conducted. The test covers both precision and accuracy.

How does it work?

The test organization brings together detectors from participating laboratories. We always send dozens of detectors from Radonova, which we randomly select from our stock. This guarantees our impartiality.
The detectors are then placed in a sealed room/rooms where the radon level is known beforehand and maintained at the same level for the duration of the test. The process is repeated in different chambers with different levels of radon. Most of the time, measurements are made in three different environments with radon levels:

  • between 200 and 1600 Kbqh / m³
  • greater than 1600 Kbqh / m³
  • less than 200 Kbqh / m³

Breakdowns of the last 120 tests to which Radtrak²® detectors were exposed between 2000 and 2019 (number of tests conducted and deviation from baseline)

Once the test measurement time has elapsed, the detectors are analyzed, and the results sent to the test organization. The results are then published and are publicly available via the organization’s website. Generally, the results are expressed as a percentage, representing the difference between the measurement made by the detector and the radon level of the chamber concerned.

Since 2000, exceptional results for Radtrak²®, Rapidos® and Duotrak® detectors

Results of tests conducted with Radonova detectors in environments with radon levels less than 200 kBqh / m³

Results of tests conducted with Radonova detectors in environments with radon levels greater than 1600 kBqh / m³

Color legend: Radtrak²® Rapidos® Duotrak®

Results of tests conducted with Radonova detectors in environments with radon levels between 200 and 1600 kBqh / m³

On each of the graphs, the number 0 indicates a deviation of the measurement of 0% compared to the reference value.

Therefore, the results highlight that the levels measured by the Radonova detectors, including Radpios® and Duotrak® detectors designed for short measurements, almost never exceed 10% deviation. This testifies to the quality of our products and their excellent measurement accuracy.

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An ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, a guarantee of quality

Radonova, at the forefront of intercomparison tests

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