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The measuring season begins – find out the radon level in homes and workplaces

By September 21, 2023Measurement

You can measure radon year-round, but if you want a good estimation of an annual average value for the radon level in your home or workplace, then you should measure during at least three of the heating season months.

Through a largely digitized process, it is now easy to carry out a radon measurement in homes and workplaces. From calculating the number of doses to managing instructions and reporting, radon measuring has become much simpler.

Doesn´t have to be complicated or expensive

“We see an increased interest in radon measurement, both in workplaces and in homes. More and more people are also realizing that a radon measurement doesn´t have to be complicated or expensive. In just a few years, measurement, analysis, and reporting have developed in a very practical and cost-effective way. Many people are surprised by how easy it is and regret not having carried out a radon measurement earlier,” comments Karl Nilsson, CEO of Radonova Laboratories.

“In many workplaces, the radon issue has gained renewed relevance and it is gratifying that more people want to have full control of the radon issue. Most people spend a large part of their time in the workplace. This makes it important to measure radon to be able to mitigate elevated radon, if necessary,” continues Karl Nilsson.

Why is the annual average for radon important?

When measuring radon, it is usually necessary to obtain an annual average value. For apartment buildings, condominium associations, or workplaces it is often required that the first measurement be carried out during at least three months to obtain an annual average value.

The annual average value for radon is important for several reasons – one of which is because long-term exposure to radon can cause lung cancer. The radon level can also vary during the day and on different days. A measurement conducted over a few days gives a good picture of the current situation but does not capture seasonal variations in the radon level. Here, Radonova can offer two to seven days of measurement with a uniquely high quality digital measurement that gives a very good indication of average radon levels.  Despite that, you should follow up with a long-term measurement during the heating season. This is to get an accurate picture of the possible risks you may be exposed to in your current environment.

Use only accredited laboratories

An incorrectly measured radon level can lead to a false sense of safety and to people staying in an indoor environment with elevated radon. To ensure a safe measurement, radon detectors should be purchased from a radon laboratory that is accredited according to ISO 17025. This ensures a correct measurement and a result that can be trusted.

Why radon is measured at workplaces and in homes

Radon is a health risk. After smoking, radon is the most common cause of lung cancer in people. Globally, it is estimated 230,000 people suffer from lung cancer every year because of long-term exposure to radon. Human exposure to radon should be minimized and kept as low as possible.

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