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Multi occupancy building

Multi occupancy building

New statistics show that all apartments on the ground floor should always be measured for radon

New data shows that you should measure radon on the ground floor of apartment buildings, regardless of the type of building foundation. Radonova Laboratories draws that conclusion after analysing the results of roughly 20,000 radon measurements of Swedish apartments. The conclusion from the data is that radon should be measured on the ground floor in a house with a basement…
September 27, 2023
How to measure radon
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How do you measure radon?

Radon is a so-called “inert” gas that is also radioactive. It emits ionising radiation. If people suffer excessive exposure to this radiation in their workplace or at home, it can lead to cell damage and therefore to cancer. Radon is responsible for up to 14% of all cases of lung cancer in the world. So measurements are crucial. Radon comes…
Christine Bolster
February 8, 2019
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Why is radon dangerous?

Radon measurement is often carried out when buying houses and properties. But what is radon and why do you need to measure it and why is it dangerous? Radon is dangerous Radon is an element with atomic number 86 and chemical symbol Rn. It is a so-called “inert” gas, which means that the element radon does not readily react with…
Christine Bolster
January 25, 2019