Rapid Radon Measurement – Apartments

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As a property owner or housing association it is easy for you to take a radon measurement. Rapid measurement is practical when you need an indicator of radon levels that may require remediation. Order our unique Rapidos® detectors specially designed for short-term measurement of radon and carry out a high-quality measurement over a period of 10 days.

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2 detectors are included in every unit.


Total number of kits:

When ordering more than 100 measurement packages, please request for a quotation.

Guidelines for radon measurement in multi-occupancy buildings

  • All apartments with ground contact must be measured
  • In addition, at least 20 per cent of the apartments must be measured
  • At least one apartment per floor and staircase
  • If there is a basement, you should order an additional measurement package for it, regardless of whether it is furnished or not, as it has ground contact
  • Apartments should also be measured where the building material can be assumed to contribute to the increased radon content, as well as apartments that are adjacent to elevator or ventilation shafts
  • To be certain of obtaining the number of results required, it is good to take measurements in an additional apartment in case the detectors were to be removed by one of the residents

The price per apartment includes

  • 2 Rapidos® detectors in airtight bag
  • Analysis and measurement report from our accredited laboratory
  • Measurement which complies with UK standards
  • Login details so that you can quickly obtain the analysis results using our secure website
  • Telephone support if you require help

Do you have any questions about radon measurement in multi-occupancy buildings?

You can always contact our hub in the UK by e-mail or phone.

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