Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about your measurement? Do you need help ?
Here we have put together the most frequently asked questions of a practical nature by our customers. Perhaps you will find the information you were looking for there.

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Questions pratiques pour réaliser votre mesure

How long is the delivery?

Once we receive the order on the webshop, it takes up to 8 days for the customer to receive the radon detectors.

How long can I store the detectors ?

If you use a long-term detector (Radtrak²® ), you can keep it in the storage up to 18 months.

For the case of the short-term detector (Rapidos®), the storage time is up to 8 months.

What are the instruction to place the detectors ?

You will receive the instructions together with your detectors. The instructions follow those recommended by PHE.

How to connect to My Pages ?

We deliver together with detectors instruction sheets where you can find commission number and password.

You will use these information to register your detectors in the section MyPages

What is the return address ?

The return address for the detectors is:

Plymouth Science Park
1 Davy Rd Plymouth PL6 8BX

How long should I wait before receiving the results ?

When you return detectors to our point in the UK (RPmatters), we will receive in our laboratory the day after. Then you will get the test report in your email in maximum 7 days

I lost my PDF report, can I get a new one ?

Yes, of course.

Go to MyPages and you can retrieve a copy of your report using your commission number and password.