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All you need to know about radon in homes


After smoking, exposure to high levels of radon is the most common reason for developing lung cancer.

According to Public Health England (PHE), in the UK more than 1,100 people annually are affected by radon.

To understand if you are at risk you should measure radon in your home. Radonova supports you and guides you so that your radon measuerement is as effective as possible.

How to measure radon in homes

It is to do radon measurement in your home. Go to our online store and select type of measurement. Normally test kits for long term measurement should be choosen, but at urgency at for example real estate transaction a short term measurement can be performed. When choosing the product you will also be presented a guideline how to determine the number of detectors in your test kit.

Once received the radon test kit, place the detectors according to the instructions provided while noting the details related to the test. Return the detectors to the laboratory at the end of the measurement period. You will receive an analysis report within two weeks.

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How to measure radon

The importance to measure radon wherever you live

Even in areas classified as low risk, radon can potentially pose a problem in indoor air. In fact, the air contained in the soil can have high levels of radon. Thus, depending on the building characteristics, large amounts of radon can penetrate the building even in low risk areas. Likewise, there can be very large local variations, even between two adjacent houses.

It is important to keep in mind that maps only provide information on risk. No map provides information on the actual presence of radon. Certainly, the probability of detecting radon in indoor air is higher in risk areas. The only way to know your radon level is to perform a radon measurement.

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To learn more about radon maps click here

I am about to sell a home, should I measure radon?

Although not mandatory, measuring radon during a real estate transactionn is advasible.

The UK regulations only oblige the seller to indicate only the radon risk prescribed by the map defining the risk zones. This means that the regulations do not require the seller to report radon levels inside the building. It is only necessary to indicate whether the building is located in a risk area or not.

This can be misleading because only one measure is a guarantee of the actual radon level. Make sure you have the results of a reliable measurement before you sign the bill of sale.

If there is only a short time, it is still possible to measure radon quickly. With Rapidos, our fast radon detector, it is possible to carry out a measurement of radon so as to have results under 1 month. In addition, do not hesitate to ask for the insertion of a clause in the deed of sale. It may mention that the terms of the sale will be conditioned by a radon measurement and that the cost of a possible mitigation must be shared.

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How many detectors do I need ?

According to the PHE validation scheme:

  • Two detectors are to be exposed at the same time.
  • One detector will be used in the main living area and one in an occupied bedroom.
  • In some dwellings, such as studio flats it may not be appropriate to place two detectors. In these and similar cases the supplier should adopt a pragmatic approach

When is the period to measure radon ?

You can make a measurement anytime in the year.

The results will be seasonally adjusted according to PHE seasonal correction factors