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Usefullness of measuring radon during working hours

Why is it important?

The first step when measuring radon is to perform a long-term measurement to obtain an annual average value. By doing this, we will know if radon is really a problem or not. However, workplaces have different occupancy hours, depending on the activities they perform. In many cases, we find that it is often during the night that radon levels are at their highest. In fact, during the night, most ventilation systems in workplaces are switched off because no one is working in the building. In addition, it is also at night that the outside/inside temperature gradients are higher, which affect radon dynamics.

When do you assess radon exposure in the workplace?

If the annual average value you have measured is higher than the reference level, then an assessment should take place. Carrying this out may save you from investing in remedial measures which may be unsuitable for the situation and can be costly. Indeed, if you have, for example, a ventilation system operating only during working hours, it is possible to observe large discrepancies between night and day values. However, it is the radon level measured during the day that is important, or the radon level measured during the highest occupancy of the building. Therefore, it is quite likely that the values ​​measured during working hours are below the reference level.

How to assess radon levels in the workplace?

To perform this type of work, the most common method is to use an active radon measurement instrument which delivers the measured radon values ​​in real time. These instruments allow you to visualize variations in radon levels over time. Radoneye PLUS2 is particularly useful for this kind of application. However, there are many similar measuring instruments available on the internet. Although, the quality of these instruments varies. In addition, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right instrument that will suit your particular situation. Radonova carefully selects its suppliers and also offers its own instruments which are recognized by professionals in the sector as being among the most precise radon measurement devices in the world. Trust the world number 1 to advise you.

It is also possible to use passive radon detectors for this kind of assessment. The Radonova Duotrak detector is particularly relevant as it has two sensitive films that can be used during working hours and non-working hours. In this way, the detector can be placed in the ON position during the morning when arriving at the office and placed in the OFF position in the evening when leaving. You will then have two values. One that shows the level of radon during working hours and the other during non-working hours. However, this less expensive method requires monitoring to ensure proper handling of the device. Contact us for more details on this solution.

The most reliable method is to contact a radon professional who will have measurement instruments adapted to these kinds of needs, such as ATMOS. This kind of device is capable of quickly determining radon levels with a high level of accuracy and a faster response time than Radoneye PLUS2. It is also able to calculate the average value over a defined time range. In addition, since ATMOS has sniffer function, it is suitable for determining the entry points of radon in indoor air. It is one of the most reliable high-end instruments in the world.