Radon Test Kit for Homes – Short-term Screening

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Test Kit for rapid measurements includes Rapidos® detectors, which are specially designed for short-term measurement of radon. Rapidos is used when you need an indicative result at short notice and are ideal for the property market.

Measurements are carried out using a minimum of two Rapidos® detectors (one in the master bedroom and the other in the living room), over a minimum 10 day period. It is also recommended that you test additional rooms such as children’s bedrooms.

Radonova test kits can consist of 2 – 6 detectors so it easy to order a package designed specifically for different types of houses.

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Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas which can cause lung cancer. It can accumulate inside buildings, including your home. The risk varies depending on where you live, the local underlying rocks and regional geology. The only way to determine radon risk is to measure.

The test kit includes (in addition to the detectors):

  • Transportation from our laboratory
  • Clear measurement instructions which detail where the detectors should be located
  • Login details – specify start and stop times for your measurement on our website where you will also find the analysis result.
  • Analysis and measurement report from our UK accredited and validated laboratory
  • Measurement which complies with UK standards
  • Telephone support if you require help


Position the Rapidos® detectors as outlined in the simple instructions which accompany the package. At the same time, log in to www.radonova.co.uk and go to My Pages. Enter your details, start date and where you have located your detectors.

Please leave the Rapidos® detectors in the same place for at least 10 days before you return the detectors to our laboratory. On the same day, log back in to your account, go to My Pages and enter when you finished the measurement. We use the start and finish dates to accurately measure radon levels. Alternatively, request a paper report from us.

When we have received and analysed the exposed Rapidos® detectors, we compose an online report which is uploaded into your account. This can be printed as a hard copy to support your buying or selling process. The report will be ready 1-2 weeks after the detectors have been received by the laboratory.

If elevated radon levels are detected, we recommend conducting a longer term, more accurate assessment, using Radtrak²® detectors, over a three month period, to confirm initial findings.

Do you have any questions about our short-term radon test for houses?

You can always contact our hub in the UK by e-mail or phone.

2 reviews for Radon Test Kit for Homes – Short-term Screening

  1. John

    Fast, accurate and easy to use!

  2. Eve

    Good site, fast delivery and easy-to-navigate app for registration.
    The measurement started yesterday so it remains to be seen how the rest works.

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