SPIRIT Radonlogger – Follow-up measurement at workplaces and in homes

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SPIRIT Radonlogger is a wireless detector with unique high sensitivity for customers who want to easily conduct accurate and reliable radon measurements at workplaces and in homes. Measurement data with graphs can be read both on a computer and on a mobile phone. You can also generate reports for ex. 7-days follow-up radon measurements during working hours or for 48-hour measurements in homes.

You place the device at the measurement site and then log in to My Pages via our website. Once you have connected the radon logger to your account, the radon content is displayed in real time. A graph visualizes radon content, temperature, humidity and air pressure for the measurement site. Average and measurement uncertainty are calculated automatically between selected time intervals. Each device is individually calibrated.

When you buy your first device, we recommend that you choose a package with SPIRIT HUB. This is to secure the wireless connection to your SPIRIT devices.


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This is included in the SPIRIT Radonlogger base package:

  • Visualization with graphs at different time intervals in Radonova’s web platform or dashboard. Accessible both via computer and mobile phone with the option for others to share the measurement data through a digital link.
  • Highly sensitive radon detector with response time under 40 minutes including sensors for pressure, temperature, humidity, and movement.
  • Battery operation for 50 days and the possibility to connect with a cable.
  • Automatic connection to a SPIRIT HUB or existing LoRaWAN network. Also measures without connection and sends measurement data when reconnected.
  • Free connection fee for 1 year. Thereafter £3 per month.
  • Calibrated for 1 year of use upon delivery.


The SPIRIT Radonlogger automatically connects to a SPIRIT HUB or directly to an external LoRaWAN network if one is available at the measurement site. SPIRIT HUB is available in two versions, one connects via network cable, the other via mobile broadband (4G).

A SPIRIT Radonlogger located within a radius of 200 meters automatically connects to a SPIRIT HUB. There is no limit to how many loggers you can simultaneously connect to a HUB. If a logger is not connected, it still measures and automatically connects as soon as it arrives within sufficient distance of a HUB or external LoRaWAN network.

This includes:

  • Ability to connect one or more SPIRIT products in locations that do not have LoRaWAN coverage.
  • Creates a local wireless network with a radius of 200 meters where all your SPIRIT products automatically connect.
  • The price for the variant HUB (mobile broadband) includes a sim card with a 2-year 4G subscription.
If you want to order SPIRIT HUB separately, you can do so here

Common uses for SPIRIT Radonlogger are:

  • To carry out accurate average measurements of radon levels during working hours.
  • To calculate the estimated annual average during working hours.
  • To obtain a valid 48-hour short-term measurement in apartments or villas.
  • Log radon levels in real time during radon inspections or when following up radon-lowering measures.


Measuring range 0 – 100 000 Bq/m³
Measurement uncertainty +-20% at 200 Bq/m³ at two hours integration time
Minimum Detectable Activity 16 Bq/m³ at 1 hour int. time
Connection Wireless (LoRaWAN)
Temperature range – 10°C to 50°C
Humidity area 0-90% humidity (Non-condensing air)
Battery life At least 60 days during measurement
Power supply 5V Micro-USB or 10-28V AC/DC
Dimensions (height, width, depth) 45 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm
Weight 0.35 kg

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