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Radonova – why you should choose us for radon monitoring

» Shortest delivery and analysis times in the market
» Web application makes your job easy and efficient
» Information available online 24/7
» All measurements taken with the highest quality and precision

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Radon measurement

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Web application for measurement projects

What makes Radonova unique as a partner?

Our aim has always been to simplify our partners’ handling of accredited radon measurements, whatever sector they operate in. That means our partners can focus on their own customers and clients. With Radonova as your supplier, you get:

  • The fastest service in the market, with radon detectors delivered within 1-2 days and analyses within 1-2 weeks.
  • Free access to the web application ‘My Pages’. Which allows you to order, record, sort, view and download results from radon measurements 24 hours a day. My Pages works on PCs, tablets and other connected devices.
  • Customised instructions, covering letters for reports, and ability to handle multiple languages and markets.
  • Access to expertise concerning method descriptions in effect in different countries, and the permits required./li>
  • Expert assistance and knowledge for applications in various indoor settings.
  • The highest level of measurement quality and accuracy, as proven in international tests.

Who are we?

Radonova has its roots in the academic and research world.And now it’s the world’s leading laboratory for radon monitoring in homes and workplaces. Radonova offers automated production lines. And has very advanced equipment to analyse radon in indoor air. To make the measurements, the Radtrak2®, Rapidos and Duotrak® radon detectors are used. Our measurement methods produce very accurate results. The measurement methods are accredited according to ISO 17025 and approved all over Europe.