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When do we need to measure radon ?

If no action has ever been taken

It is essential to prioritize the places where no measurement has ever been made. Even if your property is located outside of the so-called “risk” area. You can find elevated radon levels in any building regardless of the location. Every building (homes and workplaces) in the UK must be tested for radon. In the case of workplaces located in risk areas, the test is mandatory according to the HSE.

Perform the radon test every ten years

It is important to regularly check the levels of radon indoors. Changes in the building´s structure such as cracks, joint ageing, blockage of the ventilation system, etc. may have a significant impact on radon content.

When buying real estate

In the UK, there is no regulation concerning mandatory radon measurements in real estate transactions. However, it is strongly recommended that a test should be undertaken, and it should be added as a clause in the sales contract. In doing so, the potential cost of mitigation work could be shared between the buyer and seller as part of the deal.

After mitigation

If it is the case that the result indicates a level above the reference (200 Bq/m³ for homes and 300 Bq/m³ for workplaces), it will be necessary to conduct remedial measures and retest once this has been conducted. The best approach is to call a measurement professional to identify the radon penetration pathways and find the most appropriate solutions to mitigate. Every case is individual and requires an in-depth study. Remember, the measurement must be repeated every ten years.

When do we need to measure for radon ?