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Radonova increases production capacity with new operations staff

By January 11, 2023News

In recent years, the demand for efficient and reliable radon measurement has increased in many countries. To strengthen its role as a world-leading radon laboratory, Radonova launched a new production line in the spring of 2021. Since then, Radonova has continued to expand production capabilities and strengthen its organization with several new employees. The latest additions are Viktor Danestad and Filip Djerfh, who both work as process operators.

To ensure reliable delivery and the shortest possible lead times, best processes and a high degree of automation are required. These are areas that have been prioritized at Radonova for several years.

A business where everything is connected

“I think this is a very exciting job. It provides insight into almost all parts of our business and an understanding of how the company functions. In addition, I am learning a lot about our machines and robotics. Being able to identify and solve problems based on my experience is very satisfying. As a process operator, I work largely with the detector manufacturing and the processes surrounding it such as the handling of the detectors our customers send back when they have finished measuring. It is essential that we coordinate at all levels, from manufacturing and product development to sales and support,” says Viktor Danestad.

“I have a great interest in how machines work and the mechanics of the manufacturing process. With Radonova I’m able to contribute to the operational efficiency of the business while also developing my personal skills in an area that I enjoy.  Radonova provides opportunities for personal development as well as nice colleagues who create a positive work environment. In addition, we have helpful support from the managers who are generous with sharing their knowledge and experience,” comments Filip Djerfh.

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