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Acquisition creates new hub for Radonova in the UK and Ireland

By November 15, 2021News

Radonova Laboratories has acquired 100% of the shares in GM Scientific Ltd. Through the acquisition, Radonova can continue its expansion strategy in Europe by establishing a new hub in the UK and Ireland.

With GM Scientific as a subsidiary of the company, Radonova will also broaden its range of high-quality radon sensor technology. GM Scientific was established in 2018 and is based in Bristol, UK. It produces high-quality polymeric sensors used in radon detectors and neutron dosimetry. This includes the transparent plastic film made of CR-39 which is placed at the centre of the radon detectors.

“GM Scientific has a unique ability to approach problem solving in a scientific/technical way without losing sight of the business needs. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for Radonova to further our position as the global leader in radon measurement. Besides securing access to high end material and products we will now be able to have a greater presence in the UK and Irish markets. The acquisition means that we will have a logistics hub as well better capacity to offer local technical support”, says Karl Nilsson, CEO of Radonova Laboratories AB.

“I am excited and proud that GM Scientific will be an integral part of Radonova. I know Radonova invests in being technically competent as well as providing first class services. They have an excellent portfolio of products and have conducted more radon measurements than any other company. This gives GM Scientific an exciting opportunity to diversify and grow. Radonova is the right fit for GM”, says Maria Hansen Dugdale, founder and owner of GM Scientific.

A big market with great potential

“Although the UK has been measuring radon for almost 40 years, the market has not grown as quickly when compared to other countries. The issue of radon and its negative impact on health has not received the same attention as we have seen in other regions, where large awareness campaigns and financial incentives to help people mitigate radon are commonplace. With this in mind there is enormous potential for improvement, and I am confident that Radonova will be a key player moving forward. It´s really about providing safe, innovative and user-friendly solutions and services in the field of radon measurement”, Maria Hansen Dugdale continues.

GM Scientific will operate as a subsidiary of Radonova Laboratories, part of the Lagercrantz division Control.

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