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Seasonal workers are crucial to Radonova’s operations  

By June 9, 2020July 23rd, 2020News, Measurement

Radon measurement is largely seasonal, with May being the peak. But even from October, there are many days when thousands of detectors are sent to customers and then returned for analysis. To cope with the peaks across the year, seasonal staff play a pivotal role in Radonova’s ongoing operations. We had a chat with 25-year-old Melker Lindberg who is now finishing his first season at Radonova.  

What made you look for a job as a seasonal worker at Radonova?

A friend of the family has worked here for over a year and talked about the job and the work environment. He mentioned that extra staff would be needed for the high season. It sounded interesting work. After working at a retirement home for several years, I felt like doing something completely different.  

What has been your primary tasks?

I am part of the team that receives detectors that are sent back for analysis. After removing the contents from the packages, we scan the detectors into the system and remove the trace films. These are then set up in the carousels where they are prepared for etching, the next step in the process. After that, we work on the documentation. Although many steps and processes are electronic, there are still forms, Excel sheets and handwritten notes in the boxes which need to be actioned. That information needs to be collected, labelled, scanned, and transferred into the system. 

Are there things that has been more difficult than you expected?

Putting the boxes in the carousels can be tricky, something my colleagues warned me about right from the start. You have to stay focused. This is a particularly interesting challenge since I have ADHD. Having said that, things have gone well, partly thanks to the fact that you never staff the department alone. Which is good, it’s a bit like peeling potatoes with your friends. 

What is Radonova like as a workplace?

It is a relaxed workplace. Everybody gets on, which makes the working day go faster. I hadn’t really heard of radon measurement before I started here. After just one season, I feel I’ve learned a lot. For the fall, I have applied for a chef training course. If I am not accepted and stay in Uppsala, I look forward to working at Radonova next season. 


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Melker Lindberg

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