Measure Radon Better with Test Kits From Radonova

Radonova is the global leader in radon measurement. As an ISO 17025 accredited lab, we have performed over 3 million measurements in 50 countries. Our radon measurement services, which incorporate Radtrak2 and Rapidos technologies, have been the preferred methodology worldwide from homeowners to government and private sector organizations.

The two most common ways to test a home for radon are via a short-term or a long-term test. Radonova offers a test kit for either length of test and with the ability to order a test online, update a Commission and retrieve your report all via our web portal, testing your home for radon has NEVER been easier.

Long-Term Test Kit – Radtrak²

The Radtrak2 is Radonova’s long term (90+ days) radon gas detector. An extremely accurate device that is ideal for primary or mitigation follow-up testing. Radon gas levels in your home will fluctuate from day to day and the Radtrak2 will take into account all of those fluctuations and provide an average radon level for the time the detector is deployed. This average should be compared to the UK guideline of 4.0 pCi/l (CAN 200 Bq/m3) to determine if actions need to be taken to lower the radon level in the home.

Short-Term Test Kit – Rapidos

Redefining short-term testing, our Rapidos detector uses a smaller monitoring period (10+ days) to provide an immediate look into what your home’s radon level is. The larger chamber allows for a greater detection speed for accurate measurements making it the perfect detector to assess if further testing should be completed or if mitigation efforts should begin. Since the Rapidos uses alpha track technology it is not susceptible to traditional short-term detector vulnerabilities, humidity (others), and will not result in wasted time, money, and most importantly tests. Traditional short-term tests have very stringent requirements on deployment time and return time that many tests are reported inaccurately if at all, requiring multiple tests to be purchased and performed before getting a reliable result.