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First School Radon Map of Poland

By December 15, 2020Measurement

Due to recent changes in the Polish Atomic Law, following the implementation of 2013/59/EURATOM directive, a Radon Action Plan has been created this summer. To implement the action plan, the Polish government has allocated a significant budget to conduct a large radon survey across the country which will take place over the next 4 years. Other projects will also transpire over that period, including the School Radon Map in which Radonova will have a key role.

Educating the public on the health implications of radon exposure

One of the main objectives of the Polish Radon Action Plan is to increase general awareness about radon exposure, and the detrimental impact it can have on health. Public knowledge about radon is gradually improving, however in Poland awareness about the long-term implications of radon exposure is extremely low when compared to other European countries.

To rectify this and to work alongside the action plan, the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment in conjunction with the Atomic Forum Foundation (a nongovernmental organization which includes scientists and science communicators) has set up a large national educational project – The School Radon Map. This is the largest ever school radon mapping project of its kind.

Radonova at the forefront of the project

Working alongside other laboratories, Radonova has been invited to participate due to the high quality and reliability of its detectors that will used throughout the project.

In addition to providing measurement devices, Zuzanna Podgórska, Radonova’s local expert in radon measurements, has been assigned governance of the project and will be responsible for coordinating and managing measurements, making Radonova a leading partner of the School Radon Map.

What is the School Radon Map about?

Involving students in the project

The School Radon Map is a project involving students from 48 carefully selected high schools across the country. Under Zuzanna’s supervision, the students will be responsible for selecting the right measurement places for the detectors within facilities, as well as analyzing for additional factors that might affect the evaluation.

To assist the teams, the Atomic Forum Foundation will provide educational materials, handbooks, and detailed instructions about how to perform and understand radon measurements.

On-line seminars

To support the project, a series of online seminars about radon for both teachers and students will be held. The seminars will deal with subjects such as: methods of measurements, basics about radiation protection, and other related topics prepared by scientists and science communicators from the Atomic Forum Foundation.

Radonova’s Added value

Zuzanna Podgórska, radon expert and project coordinator, said: “The School Radon Map project is an effectual way to make science accessible and interesting to young people. I am looking forward to managing the project, in which Radonova will play a pivotal role.”

Due to the quality standards that Radonova insists upon, the project will provide added value as the ultimate purpose of the project is to analyze the results provided by Radonova to design a radon map of indoor radon data, which will be published in a scientific journal.

Zuzanna concludes: “This is one of the best ways to raise people’s awareness about radon nationally and to demonstrate to students the practical benefits of scientific work.”

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