Complete radon measurement

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Landauer Nordic offers a combined rapid and approved measurement system. Within 16 days of starting you receive an indicative result using Rapidos® rapid radon measurement. This is a practical solution when the indicative level of radon you have in your building is required at short notice. At the same time using Radtrak2® a more accurate and reliable, approved measurement of your average annual radon level can be made following a 3 month extended period.

Our Complete Radon Measurement package contains two Rapidos® detectors for rapid measurement, and two Radtrak2®detectors for reliable approved longer term measurement. The rapid and longer term measurements can be started together, the Rapidos® being returned after a 10 day exposure period and the Radtrak2® after 3 months.

Be certain to order an additional Rapidos® and Radtrak2® detector for any rooms where you spend a lot of time e.g. in the children’s bedrooms.

Place the detectors according to the simple instructions that accompany the package. At the same time, log in to and go to My Pages. Enter your details, start date and where you have located your detectors. Alternatively you may send us this information on paper but be sure to include it in the return envelope supplied.

Please leave the Rapidos® detectors in the same place for up to 10 days before you return them free of charge to our laboratory. On the same day, you log back in to your account in My Pages and enter when you finished the rapid measurement.

Similarly leave the Radtrak²® detectors in the same place for 3 months before again returning them free of charge. As before, you log back in to your account in My Pages and enter when you finished the extended measurement. We use the start and finish dates to accurately measure the radon level.

When we receive the exposed Rapidos® detectors from you we analyse them straight away putting the results as an online report into your account. Later when we receive the exposed Radtrak²® detectors, after analysis, we add the results to your online report which you can print at any time as a hard copy for your records. Alternatively request a paper report from us.

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As part of our package you will get:

  • Delivery and return free of charge within the UK and NI
  • Clear instructions for use which show where the detectors should be located
  • A secure online account with log in details for recording start and finish dates
  • Online analysis and measurement report from our accredited laboratory
  • An approved measurement of radon levels which complies with UK standards
  • If the measurement has been performed correctly according to instructions, an approved, seasonally adjusted, average annual value for long-term measurement of radon content
  • Telephone support if you require help

Do you have any questions concerning radon measurement?

You can always contact our hub in the UK by e-mail or phone.


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